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1.25" Gender Pronoun Buttons - NEW!

Image of 1.25" Gender Pronoun Buttons - NEW!


By popular request, Button Button now has gender pronoun buttons, so you can easily display your person preference!

The individual 1.25" gender pronoun buttons currently available are:
  • ask me for my pronouns
  • ey/eir/eirs*
  • ey/em/eirs
  • he/him/his
  • ne/nem/nirs
  • she/her/hers
  • they/them/theirs
  • ve/ver/vis
  • xe/xem/xirs
  • xe/xem/xyrs
  • xe/xym/xirs
  • xe/xym/xyrs
  • ze/zem/zers
  • ze/zer/zers
  • ze/zim/zirs*
  • zi/zim/zirs
Buttons marked with an asterisk (*) are not pictured, but ARE in stock.

Effort has been made to cover a variety of gender pronouns, based on research and community requests... however the list is always open for suggestions! Use the contact form to let Button Button know which you'd like to see added.

All 1" buttons are coated with a clear high-gloss UV & weather resistant mylar finish, are backed with a pin-back, and feature a high-quality black & white print.

This item is not currently available for Expedited Processing & Shipping.