3" Custom Buttons

$3.50 - $130.00 / Coming Soon

Custom pinback buttons are perfect to promote your art, band, business, organization, event, team, or school group! Everyone loves buttons! 3" buttons are popular with graduations, school organizations, booster clubs, and campaigns. These buttons are about the same size around as a standard coffee cup, so they're perfect for graduation/team photos!

- All buttons are coated with a clear high-gloss, UV & weather resistant mylar finish, backed with a steel pin-back, and feature high quality artwork printed on premium glossy paper.
- Pricing is the same for color as it is for black & white designs.
- Formatting assistance is always only $5 extra.
- Every button you receive will be A+ condition and extras are often thrown in, as well!
- Button Button will also be adding the option for buttons with metallic finish/highlighting very soon!


Most larger companies print directly onto the mylar and/or use low quality paper prints under the mylar, which leads to artwork fading/scratching or just not looking as crisp as it should. The larger companies also tend to charge $10+ extra for formatting assistance, some charge extra for color vs. black & white, and some even tell you that when ordering in bulk, expect 10-15% of your buttons to be unusable... but not Button Button! We usually include MORE than you order, just to make sure you get what you pay for.

At this time, custom orders are only able to be shipped within the United States. All custom orders will be shipped via USPS Priority. Please allow 2-3 business days for production + up to a week shipping time (holiday & covid-19 related delays). Faster service is available, if necessary; please use the contact form to discuss before ordering.

One design per item ordered, please. If you would like to order two different designs, you will need to add two separate items to your cart.

Larger quantities are available, upon request. If you have any other requests, ideas, and/or need artwork assistance, please contact Button Button via the contact form!