NEW - I'll Go With You Lanyard

$7.50 - $60.00

Buttons may not stand out in a crowd at conventions & conferences, so what's the next best option? An #IllGoWithYou lanyard, of course! Lanyards are also perfect for medical/corporate settings, where wearing a button or sticker may not be feasible.

Lanyards are purple with "I'll Go With You" in light pink text, "#IllGoWithYou" in white text, and "IllGoWithYou.Org" in light blue font. The pattern of words/colors follows the trans flag color bar pattern.

Each lanyard is made from a ¾" (20mm) wide nylon material and includes a sturdy plastic swivel hook (useful for securing a badge, ID, keys, or just about anything else you could want to attach). Also attached, to the back of the lanyard, is a breakaway safety release, which is required for many educators and medical professionals. When the safety release is separated, the lanyards are about 34-35" (~850-900mm) from end to end.
"#IllGoWithYou allies go into bathrooms and other spaces with transgender people who may be afraid or concerned about their safety. An #IllGoWithYou ally offers support, buffering, and nonviolent assistance when asked."

Button Button designed the official #IllGoWithYou artwork, with the assistance of the team behind #IllGoWithYou. You can find out more about #IllGoWithYou at http://www.illgowithyou.org.